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Get Detroit Fasteners and More

As a full-service supplier of Detroit fasteners and hardware, Detroit Industrial Hardware can provide the products and services you need to successfully complete any project. We provide tools, hardware, and nuts and bolts in Detroit. Our helpful services include the following:

  • Bolt and rod manufacturing
  • Total inventory management
  • Applications and engineering
  • Kitting and special packaging

Nuts and Bolts in Detroit

We offer only the highest-quality nuts and bolts available from trusted vendors. We also complete careful in-house inspection of all products to ensure that our solutions consistently meet our high standards of excellence. Our highly-trained and experienced staff, with the support of an in-house applications engineer and trusted manufacturers, will work closely with your engineering staff to ensure that we can provide the exact solutions that you need.


  • T-head bolt
  • T-slot bolt
  • Anchor bolt
  • Askew head bolt
  • B-7 hex bolt
  • Carriage bolt
  • Counter bore bolt
  • Elevator bolt
  • Flange bolt
  • Hanger bolt
  • Heavy hex head bolt
  • Lag bolt
  • Leveling bolt
  • Machine bolt
  • Plow bolt
  • Square head bolt
  • Step bolt
  • Stove bolt
  • Structural A325 and A490
  • Stud bolt
  • Tap bolt
  • Track bolt


  • T-slot nut
  • Acme nut
  • Acorn nut
  • Allen nut
  • Anco Locknut
  • Brass hex nut
  • Castle nut
  • Coupling nut
  • Finished hex nut
  • Flange nut
  • Flexloc locknut
  • Galvanized nut
  • Grade 2H nut
  • Grade 5 and 8 nut
  • Heavy hex nut
  • High nut
  • Jam nut
  • Kep nut
  • Knurled nut
  • L-9 nut
  • Left-hand hex nut
  • Machine screw nut
  • Metric nut (all styles)
  • Nylon insert locknut
  • Nylon nut
  • Pal nut
  • Panel nuts
  • Security locknut
  • Sex nut
  • Silicone bronze nut
  • Slotted nut
  • Square nut
  • Stover locknut
  • Tee nut
  • Top locknut
  • Tufnut
  • Weld nut
  • Wing nut


  • Cutting tools and accessories
  • Power tools
  • Hand tools
  • Air tools and compressors


  • Electrical
  • Fittings
  • Material handling
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Safety products
  • Other supplies and equipment

Providing the Assistance You Need

Our professionals have the skills, experience, and resources necessary to provide the information you need. We want you to fully understand the options available to you, so we can meet your industrial fastener application needs. If you are unsure of which nut, bolt, or screw head type you need for a particular project, you can count on our professional staff to provide the assistance you need.

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